Welcome to the Extra Mile Lettings Ltd

property management service

Welcome to the Extra Mile Lettings Ltd

About Us

The Extra Mile Lettings is a property management service with a difference… young professionals want something more than “just a place to sleep…” which is why we specialise in & provide high-end rental accommodation in Newcastle Upon Tyne, where modern young professionals & mature post-graduates can enjoy a quiet, homely environment.

The Benefits to our Landlords

  • Guaranteed Rent
  • No Voids
  • No Fees
  • No Calls From Tenants
  • Refurbished Property
  • Free Repairs

Our Services For Our Tenants

  • Share with professionals & mature post-graduates only
  • Quiet & Tidy Homes
  • Fast repairs
  • A professionally cleaned home

Our business has been specifically designed to provide you the landlord with a unique service.

Guaranteed Rent 52 Weeks a Year

Being landlords ourselves in Newcastle, the Midlands and London, in addition to being professionals in the fields of Medicine and Education, we fully appreciate the strain of owning and managing multiple properties, having to communicate with tenants, and having to manage maintenance issues. The impact of agents’ fees on your cash flow rings a bell with us.

Your needs as a landlord who wishes to combine regular cash flow while having your property well cared for and professionally managed is at the core of our business, tailor-made for landlords who wish to have guaranteed rent.

You will receive from us a service marked with excellence and you will find we go the Extra Mile to make your life completely hassle-free, with no hidden fees, no voids and complete peace of mind! Contact us today to arrange a friendly, no-obligation meeting. We look forward to working with you.

0191 716 6641

07903 579 532



Lytchett House
13 Freeland Park
Wareham Road
BH16 6FA